Color = Atmosphere + Statement

Interior design + color concept
Alte Schlosserei, Leipzig


The "Alte Schlosserei" in the lively southern suburb of Leipzig is an attractive event location. Here, in the new stylish ambience, celebrations and seminars can take place that will be fondly remembered.

Color concept
Renovation of listed old building Waldstrasse, Leipzig


Color concept of the walls and ceilings in the entrance area and staircase for the listed old building from 1905. Selection and arrangement of colors and choice of new flooring in the adjacent zones were the main components of this modernization.

Interior design + color concept
Kindergarden „Schilfkörbchen“


Getting lost impossible - in a complex building, different areas and groups were given their distinctive color. The dark corridors became intense color tunnels, alternating with free wall spaces for the children's own designs. The bathrooms also received their own color-developed mosaics - in matching combination with the sanitary fixtures.

Colorconcept + walldesign
Baugenossenschaft Leipzig


Structure and character for endless corridors - the headquarters of the housing cooperative treats itself to a refreshment and modernization. Together with interior designer Katrin Reinhold, the varied color band was created in combination with the matching lighting concept. It visually shortens the corridors and makes walking along them very entertaining. "I somehow feel fresher and younger when I see the colors!" - was the comment of one user on site.
Project: Katrin Reinhold

Color Concept + Walldesign
Steuerkanzlei Schlosser & Pfeiffer, Grimma


Together with interior designer Katrin Reinhold, we developed a completely new modern color and room concept in the largest tax office in Grimma. The custom-made murals enhance the high-quality ambience and decorate the long wall surfaces. The color concept already extends from the staircase over several floors into the business premises.
Project: Katrin Reinhold

Interior design, CI + Colorconcept
Office design for Radio PSR Mediagroup, Leipzig


Development of the overall spatial design concept for bringing together 5 divisions of the media group, including 2 radio stations, on a total of 2500 m² in a central downtown location in Leipzig. The design concept included the color concept, the implementation of the new CI in the space and the coordination of furniture and lighting design. In addition, a new reception zone with furniture design and a flexible signage system coordinated with the CI was created across the company's two floors. The central concern of the company was to create a varied, lively working environment in which all 5 divisions feel comfortable and can find each other again.

Interior design + color concept
Future Training, Merkurhaus Leipzig


Learning should be fun! The individual color design for the computer training company reflects the CI colors and ensures fresh and lively rooms. This creates the right varied environment to open up to new things and learn with energy. Custom-made murals show the shapes of abstract circuit boards and additionally reinforce the company's identity in the premises.

Interior design + color concept
Future Training, Halle


The same color tones were used in the Halle branch and applied accordingly to the premises there. The result was a clear recognition effect, but with its own design expression and variety in the geometries and color fields.

Architecture + Themes + Storytelling
Funpark "BELANTIS“


Development of different themed areas in the park, design of the castle with the roller coaster and its course as well as interior design and storytelling for the different waiting areas inside the castle. Development of another ride inside the castle (Madhouse) including creation of all drawings. Farbgestaltung + Wandgestaltung