how it works to work with us

Every room has two major influencing factors. The cubature and the color/interior architecture. You often can't change anything about the cubature, or only with great effort. A new color and room concept, on the other hand, can radically correct the effect in the room and greatly optimize the effect on the users.
Especially the wall and floor surfaces are huge stages for moods and shape the motivation of employees. Above all, however, the rooms are ambassadors of the corporate identity. This makes corporate interior design one of the most powerful levers for corporate success.

Interior design services of farbplan

  • Analysis of the business premises and the intended effect on the users
  • Creation of the interior design concept: Color and design concept for walls, floors, furniture, light, plants, acoustics.
  • Implementation of interior design - corporate design
  • Illustration, artwork + murals for brand staging
  • Furnishing concept including furniture designs
  • Lighting concept and wayfinding systems
  • Acoustic concept including acoustic pictures
  • green design
  • Ambience planning for mood optimization
  • Coordination of the renovation work

Teamwork: Depending on the scope of design, we work together on your spaces in a team of specialist planners